Those are Because of You, Allah

There is one moment in my life that I couldn't even forget. It's time when I was really stupid and in another side, I was feeling so grateful. That day, I forgot when specifically, I just know that's when I'm between 5 and 6 years old.

As the children, I love singing, playing, and so active. But, that can be dangerous if you did that just want to make you happy  without thinking a safety for yourself. In that time, I was at the second floor at my home. I want to go to the first floor at my home by stairs. But how stupid I am, I was looking at the lamp above while I was going down. I through one by one of the stairs until finally I fell from the stairs.

I forgot how it feels, really. I was just feeling so painful in my head. It was so blurry. Everything I see was blur except the blood that came out of my head. Red, red, red. So much blood in the floor, I was almost unconscious but try so hard to not did it because I was alone at my home. There is no people at my home. I tried to give some signal that "I'm here so injured help me!!!" but I can't.

I didn't think about anything until my mother and my sister came home and I forgot until my neighbor bring me to the hospital. In the way to the hospital, I still can see something blurry and finally I was really unconscious. After several times got handling from the doctor, I woke up. I feel that my bad was pushed away with nurse and bring me to normal room.

Confused, worried and sleepy was mixing in my feelings. I got four injuries on my head. All of my family was right there when I opened my eyes. I'm so grateful to Allah that Allah still give me a chance to live a life. I don't know what will happen if my mom and my neighbor not bring me to the hospital in the right time. I promise to always take care for anywhere I go. Thank You, Allah...


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