We are Fangirls

J = Jasmine
N = Nandita

   One day, there are two girls sitting in one classroom. They don't know each other yet. But soon, they surely will know. With one specific reason, they are both fangirls! What do fangirls do when they meet? Of course, they will rant and gush about their idol. If you want to see how these two girls will interact, please read the conversation below.

N : "Hey, I'm bored. Let's play 20 questions."
J : "Umm, okay sure."
N : "Do you want to ask first?"
J : "I'll ask. Starting from the basic first, cause we don't know each other yet."
N : "Okay sure, please continue."
J : "What is your name?"
N : "My name is Nandita and the next question is the same one."
J : "My name is Jasmine. Nice to know you."
N : "Nice to know you too. Next question please."
J : "How old are you and when is your birthday."
N : "That is two questions, but its okay. I am fifteen and my birthday is on April 27th. Same question for you."
J : "I'm fourteen and its on 3rd October. What's next. Oh, which class are you."
N : "We're in the same class you know."
J : "Oh yeah, you're right. I forgot."
N : "Hahaha, you used your chance to ask other things and you picked class."
J : "Whatever. Next one."
N : "Hmmmmmm, what about hobby?"
J : "I don't have any I guess. can I call sleep a hobby?"
N : "Really? You don't have any better things to do?"
J : "Well, excuse me. Don't judge me, sleeping is a work for me. How about you then?"
N : "My hobby is fangirling. Hehehe."
J : "Oh, wow! Really? You don't have any better things to do?"
N : "Shush, don't mock me."
J : "Whoops, sorry. Who's your idol then?"
N : "Can you guess who?"
J : "Hmm, let me think. Oh! Is it me?"
N : "Of course!"
J : "Really?"
N : "Of course no. Can you guess the song then?"
J : "Oh! A singer, sure shoot."
N : "Imagination, Never Be Alone, Lights On, A Little Too Much."
J : "OH EM GEE! I'ts by Shawn Mendes!"
N : "OH! you know him! You know what? For me, his eyes has a whole of the universe and it looks so warm."
J : "I'm so lost in his eyes whenever I see it because it's just like the ocean."
N : "If you are lost in his eyes then I am drowning in his eyes."
J : "Hahaha, so funny."
N : "I thought you know that he is so talented. He has so many cool songs and it is written by himself"
J : "I keep on falling and falling for him, that I'll be needing stitches."
N : "Whenever I see his smile, the way he plays guitar in the concert and he started to sing the song that I watched on youtube, I know that he can treat me better."
J : "Hahaha, such a fangirl."
N : "We are such a fantastic fangirl."
J : "And his hair is so fluffy that I want to ruffle it so bad"
N : "I will let him take a piece of my heart and make it his own."
J : "You know when he smiles? Ugh. Please, have mercy on me. Take it easy on my heart"
N : When I see him, I know for sure that he can treat me better. I wish I can marry him."
J : "I know that you don't want to hear this but please darling don't be a fool."
N : "Your words cut deeper than a knife, now I need someone to breathe me back to life."
J : "Shawn Mendes is full of love."
N : "What an impressive guy with an extraordinary talent that makes him beloved by all of girls, including us."
J : "By the way, we are so cringey."
N : "I know that but I don't care. The one I care is Shawn."
J : "That is true my friend."
N : "Then, you know when..."
Mr. Agus (math teacher) entered the class.

N : "We'll continue later."
J : "For sure."

   Well, unfortunately their fangirling session need to stop. They will continue it again though, maybe fangirling to different person, some models maybe? Or actors? We'll see for some other post in the future.

See you later!


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