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Eating, Playing, Hibernating

Eating, playing, and hibernating are the things that we miss on school days. We can only do it just for holiday. Can't wait for the holiday! Should we plan it now?

M : "Hey what's up?"
N : "Hey babe. Time is going so fast by the way."
J : "In the few months we will passing our final test in school."
M : "Then it is our holiday. by the way do you have any plan for spend your time in holiday?"

We are Fangirls

J = Jasmine
N = Nandita
   One day, there are two girls sitting in one classroom. They don't know each other yet. But soon, they surely will know. With one specific reason, they are both fangirls! What do fangirls do when they meet? Of course, they will rant and gush about their idol. If you want to see how these two girls will interact, please read the conversation below.
N : "Hey, I'm bored. Let's play 20 questions." J : "Umm, okay sure." N : "Do you want to ask first?" J : "I'll ask. Starting from the basic first, cause we don't know each other yet." N : "Okay sure, please continue." J : "What is your name?" N : "My name is Nandita and the next question is the same one." J : "My name is Jasmine. Nice to know you." N : "Nice to know you too. Next question please." J : "How old are you and when is your birthday." N : "That is two questions, but its okay. I am fifteen and my…

About My Self

Hallo everyone! Assalamualaikum…

Today, here I’m gonna introduce myself to all of you. Actually, I don’t really like writing and making some readingbut now I will give you some. My name is Nandita Yasfi Nafisah. But you can call me Nandita or anything as you want and as it is good to be some nickname. I love my name because it is looking good haha. I’m sorry if you don’t think so, I’m just little bit kidding. It’s just for your little information that my name has given to me from my mother which get inspired to Nandito, he is actor in Telenovela or whateverit called, I don’t know but yes because of that. Maybe in that day, Telenovela was so fabulous and my mother loved it very much. 
I was born in Bandung on April 27th 2002, and now I’m15 years old. I started doing my activities in school when I was 5th. I studied in TK Melati for 1 year. Then I continued to school in SDN Garuda-Dadali for 6 years and got experience to study in 1 Junior High School Bandung for 3 years. After approxim…